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Metal Siding Painting

Painting and Refinishing Exterior and Interior Metal Siding on Industrial Plants and Buildings

Painting Metal Siding

When it comes to metal surface refinishing, you’re going to want the substrate that is freshly repainted to last as long as possible. The process of painting can be more difficult on exterior buildings due to harmful UV rays and weather exposure. Rain, Sun, and extreme temperatures both hot and cold play a role in the longevity of your business exterior.

Refinishing exterior steel, metal clad, and aluminum on large industrial buildings, plants or factories are affected by unusual elements particularly in extreme conditions such as early spring and late fall. During these weather changes, substrates expand and contract during temperature changes compared to other painted surfaces.

Metal Siding Coating & Painting Applications

Paint coatings used by Phoenix International for industrial buildings are designed to better adjust to these changes by expanding and contracting. Using the wrong product will soon crack and fail due to the inability to flex in these conditions. Our industrial paint application and products are highly flexible and retain their original application qualities with excellent fade, crack, and UV protection.

Choice of color also play a role in longevity of refinished metal siding. Darker colors, for instance, absorb more heat during the day and can become increasingly hotter than a comparable substrate using a light color of material.

At Phoenix International, we use the highest quality industrial applications to meet or exceed the durability of original factory finishes. Our products retain their gloss, adhesion, and strength that last’s well beyond factory specs when refinishing your industrial painted surface.

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