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Pressure Washing, Water Blasting

Paint and debris, surface layers removal, dust, and debris, scaling paint, grease, oxidization removal

The use of high-pressure, water is used for cleaning industrial applications where paint and debris removal, surface layers, dust, and debris needed for a clean substrate in preparation for painting.


There are several standardized levels of pressure for specific cleaning oppositions. Depending on the application, some power washing may require ultra-high pressure washing while others only need low pressure.

  • Low pressure (less than 5000 psi) cleaning is applicable around delicate windows; old wood sided buildings and pressure sensitive scenarios.
  • High-pressure cleaning (between 5,000 and 10,000 psi, is primarily used for most general painting preparation. This volume removes flaking paint, old caulking, most residue, and dirt. High-pressure power washing would be the typical painting prep application.
  • Ultra-high-pressure water jetting can be used for harder to clean surfaces and can remove grout, clean and restore old brick and block, clean cement, parking lots and greasy machines when steam is applicable.

At bare minimum, a substrate in need of painting should be power washed (high pressure) to ensure an excellent tight/clean surface to prime and paint. The better the surface is prepped, the longer the paint application is likely to endure.

Phoenix Tech is highly experienced in choosing the right method of power washing to tackle projects of any size.

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