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Wall Painting

Factories, Warehousing, Industrial Buildings and Manufacture Structures

Painting Walls in Factories, Warehousing, Industrial Buildings and Manufacture Structures

Now you have painted the ceiling of your building, painting the interior and exterior walls of your facility improve the overall appearance of your business.

If you have already scheduled painting your ceiling in your business, the best and most cost-effective time to brighten up and refresh the finish of your walls is during this process. Primarily because of most covering, lift equipment, and access to the area are already pre-defined, this saves time and money. Once the ceiling is painted, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and steel beams accentuates the overall appearance of your factory, warehouse or industrial facility.

We also include fire and insurance color coatings on beams where fire extinguishers or safety areas require safety colors.

What Paints are Used for Painting Industrial Ceilings?

Being in business for over 35 years, we have seen every type of ceiling. Several factors that come to play when deciding on the finish coat depends heavily on the condition of the ceiling. Some foundry ceilings are greasy and fuzzy and may require corn cob blasting or forced compressed air to clean and prep before priming/painting the surface. Depending on the condition of the ceiling, we use either semi-gloss or high gloss white oil base or latex resin paint.

What processes are involved?

Phoenix Tech spends considerable time prepping the area to be painted. We are careful to cover all lights, fire alarms, exit signs, windows, electric plug outlets, televisions, door frames, and windows. Some applications require additional covering by a total enclosure. When sensitive products are in your facility, floating debris, paint over-spray, and dust may tend to go beyond the working area. Methods of preventing foreign contaminants from entering into your stock area or sensitive production equipment is to completely drape the area with plastic from the ceiling to the floor. Beyond the drape or curtain, we also, as a secondary measure, cover 25’ to 50’ beyond the confined area. Also known as containment. There are several different types of wall areas in most structures. One of them being cinder block or solid concrete. It is critical to prime and fill all pours of these surfaces, especially in the food and beverage industry. This prevents bacteria, and other contaminants from lodging in these voids and prevents bacteria growth. Correct surface prep is crucial to all wall painting applications. Mildew and mold preventative coatings are available.

Adhesion qualities vary between products, so it’s essential to let us assess the needs of your structure and choose the proper materials for the environmental conditions.

Examples of this would be exterior vs. interior paints and different industries such as food and dairy, medical, foundries and general warehouse painting.

Low odor oil base alkyd paints use better quality solvents to prevent contamination of food and medical products near by. Latex or water-based coatings, designed for a more rugged environment and may also be beneficial on low odors sensitive areas.

Wall Paint Color

Beyond the type of paint selected, the color you choose can have a great impact on the overall look of your facility. We custom match colors that not only look great but match your company branding. For instance, if your company branding used to primary colors, gray and green, we can match those colors via computer generated outputs and apply anywhere in your building. Typically, most industrial, commercial, warehousing projects tend to prefer white walls and then a dado or wainscot coat at the base of the wall and columns that match your companies branding.

Substrate Preparation

Preparation for painting on industrial, commercial and warehouse wall can include, high-pressure air dust and cobweb removal, power washing, sandblasting, corn cob blasting, steam cleaning. Other stages of prep include masking electrical boxes, electric outlets, high and low-pressure air fittings, on/off knobs, meticulously covering the floors and sensitive machinery/products nearby. Together, your company Phoenix Tech can plan and orchestrate this process to reduce down times in production saving your company dollars.

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