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Industrial Ceiling Painting

The essential way to land potential contracts is to ensure the entire interior; walls, ceilings, steel columns and doors look clean and bright.

Phoenix Tech - A leader in industrial ceiling painting for over 35 years

Painting Metal Ceilings in Industrial Facilities

Nothing says you are qualified and capable better than a clean environment that is bright with high visibility. A clean environment proves to your customers that you are capable and care about completing jobs and acquiring long-term contracts.

The essential way to land those contracts is to ensure the entire interior; walls, ceilings, steel columns and doors look clean and bright. After a freshly painted ceiling is complete, the ceiling becomes more reflective of light also reducing the number of lights needed to see appropriately thus reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint. Dark, dingy, unpainted ceilings offer little to no reflection requiring more lighting.

Worker Safety

Unpainted, greasy, dirty ceiling in factories, commercial and industrial buildings gather more dust and grease as time goes on creating safety hazards such as combustion of accumulated grease and debris. Air quality also becomes an issue when your shop begins to smell like solvents and oil. These contaminate also collect in ceiling fans reducing efficient air flow.

Color Coding

Color coding pipes is not only a valuable safety measure, it also cuts insurance costs when pipes like water, gas, air properly color coded. This ensures not only maintenance works can easily spot issues, but fire and rescue can also visibly see what pipes have potential to burst or catch fire in the event of an emergency. This can save lives!

Example color codes:

  • White text on red - Fire-quenching fluids
  • Black text on orange - Toxic and corrosive fluids
  • White text on Brown - Combustible fluids
  • White text on Green - Portable, cooling, boiler feed and other water sources

Safety colors

Safety colors are also used on important elements like handrails, points of fire extinguisher location, yellow striping on floors, walkway indicators and more.

  • Safety - Grass green
  • Attention - Golden Yellow
  • Danger - Signal Red
  • Mandatory - Blue
  • Alert - Safety Yellow
  • Electrical - Orange
  • Traffic Lines - White

Industrial/Commercial Painting Techniques

Phoenix Tech has been a leader in ceiling painting for over 35 years, painting commercial and industrial ceilings as large as 1 million square feet. Specializing in large ceiling painting, we have completed thousands of ceilings ranging from wide open spaces to highly congested and hard to reach areas throughout the USA.

Our Process

To begin a conversation about completing your next ceiling paint project, initially, we like to meet our clients as well as inspect the conditions of the ceiling. Photos can also be emailed to us for an initial consultation.

In our initial meeting, we will discuss time frame, job specifications, material type, date of the project and other conditions that may apply like shut down times and areas to be painted. Commercial, industrial and warehousing projects can vary tremendously.

Once the scope of the project is outlined, Phoenix Tech will issue a proposal for the project, and a senior representative will follow up with any other questions or concerns you may have. We want you to feel as comfortable and informed as possible. This ensures you know what to prepare for before we arrive. Pre-planning is key to a successful job and on-time completion.

Shut Down Operations

Only at Phoenix Tech will you find flexibility on time frames like plant shutdowns. During special holidays is prime opportunity to complete large-scale projects without interfering with your valuable production. We schedule work on most holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and other holiday weekends. We also have 2 full 12 hours shifts with progress made around the clock during these critical times.

If you think your project is too large to get a fresh coat of paint in a short period, please call us and we can discuss in detail our proven process to achieve a brightened safe environment for your business within your restrictive time frame.

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