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Equipment & Machine Painting

Painting Manufacturing Equipment and Machines & Construction Equipment

Giving the appearance of a clean, tidy shop is often is a factor in rewarded contracts by potential clients. Nothing says yes like a plant that is clean and functional and regularly when a prospective client is interested in your company as a supplier, operation inspections, and first impressions mean everything. If your business is clean and well run this build confidence in your operation.

Building confidence in prospective clients, there is no better investment than a nicely detailed, clean, painted machining. Not only is this investment a great addition to obtaining potential clients but, your staff will respect and care for well-maintained machinery.

If you’re looking for brand uniformity throughout your plant or color specific machinery, painting your machines will aid not only in consistency but will assist in product visibility of your moving parts bettering your chance to get that contract your company deserves.

The better your equipment looks, the better the chance of landing that contract.

Types of Equipment

Phoenix International has been painting shop, foundry, and assembly line equipment for over 35 years, and have extensive experience painting metal stamping presses, high rise roof installed air conditioning systems, high heat furnaces, medical and food processing plants and secondary containment system applications. We’ve completed these processes and more. Request a quote for more information.

  • Machines
  • Presses
  • Construction Equipment
  • Conveyors Metal stamping presses
  • Lathes and drill presses
  • Robotic welders
  • Chroming lines
  • Mixers
  • Blenders
  • Milling machines
  • Roll forming equipment
  • High-heat furnaces
  • Food processing equipment
  • Silos and tank linings

We have several processes of cleaning that include contained chemical cleaning being careful not to affect sensitive gauges and moving part essential to your machine’s operation. We use many different products depending on the requirements or need for the individual situation which we assess and recommend before we apply primer and finish coat. Prep is critical, we meticulously clean, and cover the working parts of the machine making sure not to seal items not to be painted.

We know your machine is a valuable asset to completing jobs, so we work to minimize down-times which cost you money.

Ask us how we can re-coat your construction equipment machinery and make them look like new again.