Phoenix Tech International Paiting - USA

Sand Blasting

Blasting Contractor utilizing the most suitable method based on your specific situation (sandblasting / Corn-Cob Blasting / water-blasting/etc.) Full Containment - Lead Abatement

Phoenix Tech Int. utilizes the most effective method for cleaning and removing old paint and another industrial build up before applying special coatings.

Why sandblast/cob blast?

Blasting is used to etch smooth surfaces, allowing new paint to adhere effectively.

  • Machine Shops
  • Metal Structures
  • Factories
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Tank Linings
  • Towers

We specialize in blasting/preparing the substrate of a wide variety of industrial and non-industrial items including but not limited to, storage tanks, steel structures, equipment, and machines. Phoenix Tech also prepares and paints heavy equipment such as; street sweepers, front-end loaders, dump trucks, restoration projects of all kinds, full containment, lead abatement, stadium stands, structural beams and architectural items plus a wide variety of other items.

Phoenix Tech Int. utilizes the best process for removing rust scale, years of old coatings, contamination such as oil and grease, eliminating flaking or peeling ceiling paint, foundry machinery, steel handrails, steel sided commercial, industrial and foundry buildings.

We can lightly sandblast or corn cob blast in preparation for paint, or completely strip ceilings, walls, tanks, concrete, machinery and more down to its original layer for most all applications.

We house a 100,000sf foot building to accommodate transporting items as well as mobile equipment capable of sandblasting any remote location. Whether it’s a permanent storage tank, stacks/Silos, the side of on older foundry with years of rust and peeling paint, we are well suited to meet your needs.

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