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Steel Structure Painting

Iron and steel, are most commonly used metals on large structures

Iron and steel, are most commonly used metals on large structures such as towers, industrial applications, ships, warehouses and commercial buildings. Iron and steel can rust if left unprotected with a proper system in place to protect from weathering and chemicals deterioration. If left unprotected, unfortunately, rust can begin to form in rapid stages when exposed to harsh chemicals, caustic agents, salt water, or wet conditions as found in waterfront docs and shipping yards.

Protecting your investment by coating your steel structures like cargo containers, cranes, cell phone towers, high-rise steel structures, paper plants, and dock facilities dramatically increase the life of your investment.

What is the best refinishing system for steel and iron?

Phoenix Tech employees, trained and certified in sandblasting/structural steel preparation, retain the skill sets necessary to apply system applications per manufacturer and paint system specifications.

Phoenix Tech - Industrial Steel and Iron Painting

As industrial metal and iron painting contractors, we will analyze your painting project and recommend the proper paint system and all possible options available.

We offer epoxy coatings, two-part catalyzed systems, tank and architectural coatings, and standard structural systems to extend the life of your commercial, industrial, warehousing facility, power plant, water treatment plant, information tower - and more.