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Storage Tanks and Silos

Storage Tanks, Silos, Enclosed Tanks

Industrial Tanks and Silos

Deterioration and corrosion of your Industrial storage tanks can lead to foreign debris and other contaminants in your product. Whether its the food industry, medical industry, plastics industry, your product should remain intact and ready for whatever your processes are. Protecting your asset is our primary goal. Whether it’s power-washing, sandblasting enclosed tanks and structures, we offer several methods in cleaning your tanks in preparation for your new coat of paint or metal protective finish.

We also offer full containment of all blasting and spraying. Full containment utilizes dust collectors that trap residue and blast materials from entering the surrounding areas which also make this the most environmentally favorable method of removing layers of old paint in your tanks.

Old worn out, rusty tanks can not only significantly affect the appearance of your industrial storage tanks, but can also rapidly degrade the structural integrity of your tanks down the road and lead to contamination of your valuable assets.

As Industrial painting specialists, we specialize in restoring your inner linings and outer storage tank surfaces to their original condition leaving you with confidence your tank will not only stand the test of time but, keep harmful contaminants from destroying your products.

Storage Tank Common Industries

  • Oil
  • Food Processing
  • Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
  • Mining
  • Gas
  • Medical
  • Vessel Linings

Various Install Applications

  • Interior epoxy linings
  • Fiberglass reinforced linings
  • Trowlable linings
  • Controlled Environment
  • Fiberglas Matt

Confined Space

Our qualified staff are OSHA trained and certified enclosed containment certified. Confined space means the worker can quickly become exposed to fumes, dust, lead and other elements. Our procedures follow OSHA guidelines and are applicable to all enclosed space regulations and worker safety laws throughout the USA