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5 Tips for Spraying A Commercial Ceiling

Tips to help you understand the process of covering, cleaning and painting a ceiling.

1. To begin painting a commercial/industrial ceiling, first, you need to cover any areas that you’re not painting, or you do not want over-spray on. When painting your ceiling, you would want to use a product designed to fall dry. Most industrial and commercial ceiling painters use a paint that falls dry when spraying. Most commercial painting companies market and carry bulk 55-gallon drums of (dry-fall) and by request, can deliver the needed product to the job site. Covering all equipment, floors, storage racks, and product stock with a layer of 1.5 mil 12 feet x 200 feet plastic.

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Industrial Painting Conractor

Resons you may be looking for an industrial Painting Contractor and our capabilites

Industrial buildings require maintenance like any other asset. Industrial buildings sometimes need special coatings to ensure longevity and withstand a variety of elements and may also require paint that is free from impurities. Phoenix Tech International, a special coatings applications painting contractor, has over 35 years of experience in industrial painting application processes.

We have completed projects in industrial buildings ranging from:

Plants, factories & manufacturing facilities Metal deck ceilings in shops Warehouses Storage facilities Secondary containment tanks Industrial buildings & industrial units Machinery Equipment Stamping Presses Injection molds Concrete floor coatings Metal siding Metal roofs Metal
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500,000sf Ceiling Painting Contract.

500,000sf Commercial Ceiling Walls and Columns

Take a look at a near finished 500,000sf ceiling and wall painting job. We have what it takes to complete any scale job within the USA.

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Corn Cob Blasting

Prepping For Paint - Cob Blasting a Foundry Ceiling

Check out a short video of us in action cob blasting a foundry ceiling in Cleveland, Ohio.

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