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Phoenix Tech International is thoroughly experienced in restoring, painting, repainting, and coating in , : Industrial factories, plants, warehouses, interiors & exteriors, manufacturing facilities, oil refineries, floor lines, flooring, steel roofs, windows & window frames, extrusions, doors, awnings, office buildings, metal deck ceilings, walls, columns, epoxy coated & concrete floors, commercial buildings, offices, halls, arenas and conference/convention centers. Also, petrochemical, chemical and power plants, smokestacks, steel structures, manufacturing equipment machinery and machines, wastewater/sewage and water treatment plants, bridges, high-heat stacks, condominium &apartment buildings. Some of our specialties include refinishing structural steel & metal siding, paneling, storage tanks, silos, factory-painted finishes & coatings, anodized aluminum siding/panels, secondary containment areas/tanks, and production equipment.

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