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Lead Abatement

Reduce levels of toxins such as lead, typically on restorations on complete paint stripping.

### What is Lead Abatement?

Lead abatement is the process used to reduce levels of toxins such as lead, typically on restorations projects where the goal is to eliminate lead lead-based paint hazards. Lead abatement reduces/ eliminates potential lead-based poisoning incidents

Phoenix Tech International procedures is generally undertaken in response to government or local government action to remove lead paints from historical buildings.

* Court Houses
* Historical Homes
* Industrial Plants

In the USA, lead abatement removal is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are certified in the removal of lead-based paint.

Lead abatement differentiates from renovation, repair, and painting alone typically performed at the discretion of the business or building owner in that, abatement is a precise control in removing lead hazards as its own process as opposed to paint for aesthetic purposes.

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