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Over the years we have repaired/applied many types of Roofs & Systems

Flat Roofs / Metal-Steel Roofs / Steep Slope / Steeples / EPDM / Roof Coatings / TPO & PVC / SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam) / Modified Bitumen and Built-up Roofs / Green Roofing

Painting Roofs on Industrial and Commercial Facilities

The roof over your head is a very significant investment in the inside machinery and products of your industrial facility. Whether you’re the owner of the commercial, industrial or warehousing structure, a solid roof is a vital asset and goes mostly unnoticed until a problem occurs.

Roof Failure

Your commercial, industrial or warehousing roof is exposed to outside elements all year around. Extreme weather conditions: sun, pollution, snow, rain, hail, all take a toll on your metal roof. These conditions result in flaking, peeling, cracking and oxidization all of which degrade the surface of your roof resulting in corrosion and worse, rust holes eventually leading to leaks and ultimately expensive total roof replacement or costly repairs.

Roof Leaking Results

Leaking roofs can cause a host of problems including, damage to your equipment, loss of inventory; operations shut entirely down, safety hazards, electrical malfunctions, and continued ongoing spot repairs and maintenance. All of these can be avoided with yearly roof inspections and long-term planning and budgeting for your long-term roof needs.

We Refinish

  • Flat Roofs
  • Metal-Steel Roofs
  • Steep Slope
  • Steeples
  • EPDM Roof Coatings
  • TPO & PVC / SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam)
  • Modified Bitumen and Built-up Roofs
  • Green Roofing

Roof Refinishing and Sealants

Phoenix Tech has been painting and restoring all types of roofs on commercial, industrial and warehousing building for over 30 years. We handle all aspects of applications to remedy these issues before they start protecting our client’s roofing needs. We use only the best paint systems designed to prolong your investment for years to come.

We offer free inspections and detailed quotes on our findings and recommendation to empower you with the best budget and value solutions to meet your budget and time constraints. All of which educate you in making the proper decisions on what system works best for your roofing project. Our focus is to educate our clients with our experience.

Available Steel or Metal Roof Refinish and Painting Options

If your roof is showing signs of visible oxidization, peeling, corrosion but isn’t leaking yet, your roof can be treated with a direct to rust primer/sealer to stop further corrosion. Proper primer catalyzes rust and stops roof corrosion in its tracks. This prevents elements from reestablishing corrosion due to water and air exposure. Finish it off with durable urethane or industrial latex system finish extends the protection and life of your roof.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

Premium roof elastomeric roof coating is a quality, flexible roof coating that provides reflectivity and durability. This system is specially formulated to resist cracking and peeling. For use on single metal ply, smooth BUR, modified Bitumen, polyurethane foam, concrete, EPDM, Hypalon, existing asphaltic & elastomeric roof coatings. This product seals seams, cracks and water entry points.

Your Investment

Most metal roofing painting or elastomeric coatings cost a fraction of total roof replacement and provide a cost-efficient alternative.

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