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Secondary Containment

Painting and Re-Lining Secondary Containment/Hazardous Material Overflow

Secondary containment systems are commonly surrounding tanks that contain hazardous materials. Secondary containment systems can be concrete; fiberglass resin lined concrete or double walled overflow systems.

Containment Systems Must Remain Free of Cracked Linings and Peeling Paint

For secondary containment systems to remain efficient and to protect them from the deteriorating due to extreme weather elements, preparing the surface and coding them with the appropriate secondary containment coding system, dramatically increases the longevity of the confined area.
Should a spill occur, cracks in these linings would allow for seepage into the environment defeating the primary purpose of secondary containment.

Well-Qualified Contractor

Phoenix Tech, a well-qualified contractor, specializing in secondary containment systems applications. Surface preparation of these surfaces includes contractor-grade high volume pressure washing, sandblasting, grinding with diamond blades, steam cleaning, and a wide range of other processes to ensure better adhesion and proper containment specifications.

When you’re searching for a qualified secondary containment coating/paint contractor, Phoenix Tech will not only meet your expectations but, we’ll fulfill our contract on time and within budget.